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restaurant Isa



Enjoy the best food and the best deal on Restaurante Isa. Restaurante Isa are over 30 years of experience providing excellent service and serving the true Mediterranean cuisine: rice of all kinds, fideuá, stew, mussels .... And the desserts, homemade, as it should be: oreo cookie cake, cheesecake, pumpkin pie, Greek yogurt mousse with strawberry jam ... all done in the kitchen of Restaurant Isa.

Come celebrate your restaurant Isa family reunions, business dinners and enjoy the best live music. At home, at Restaurante Isa.

They also have a variety of rice dishes: black, a band, senyoret, ... try them all!


1 03779 Playa Almadrava Els Poblets

  1. Paqui, patches says:

    An exquisite, phenomenal restaurant, I love it and especially jenial food