The Glorieta reopens, but with still a lot of work pending

13 September 2023 - 14: 32

The center of Dénia this Wednesday has fewer barriers. La Glorieta of the Valencian Country, after almost ten months, is once again passable.

The residents of Dénia have come across a surprise this afternoon, and that is that access to the Glorieta has no longer been blocked by the fences that this morning were still prohibiting entry. During the beginning of this week, the construction materials and machinery have been removed, but today the closure to pedestrians has been concluded.

Now, although each of the four entrances were now open for the first time since autumn 2022, they could soon be closed again. This is because despite being passable, everything indicates that the work has not been completed. The Glorieta is dirty, with remains of work, there are paving stones on the exterior to be polished and it is expected that a layer of paint will also be added to the walls, where there is some spray painted.

Additionally, perhaps most strikingly, the vegetation has become wild and now looks like a small forest. After so many months without care, the plants have taken over the place and weeds have sprung up everywhere. Also in the new flower pots, which despite being only a few weeks old already present an image of neglect more typical of an open field. The weeds, very tall and leafy, have completely covered the floral decoration that they had chosen and which there is no longer any way to see.

This is how the Glorieta is when practically two months have already passed since the works should have been completed, according to the contract. It looks like you can walk inside now, but it doesn't look finished. There's little left, but it's there.

  1. Joseph says:

    Master, the work is finished, should I repair it?

  2. Eva says:

    Is this an information or opinion article? Because there is a lot of value judgment in it.
    The "weeds" are the result of the gazebo being under construction, closed and oh, surprise, it rained. Well, what a drama, as if that didn't have an easy solution.
    I can imagine the comments if the City Council had put gardeners to remove weeds in the middle of the work: what a waste of hours, if you can't enjoy it, etc etc...

  3. BURNED MONEY says:


    This is how it is supposed to look:

    The reality is aberrant. How many millions of euros for such a shameful reform?

    • Omniway says:

      I don't know, I see that it has remained as it was originally said.
      In any case, my opinion is that too much money and too much time has been spent for a simple facelift.
      The reform should have been total despite the nostalgic.
      If the fountain is not made new, it will continue to have worn and misplaced bricks, and so on for almost everything. It will be a mix between old and new and it won't look good.
      But that's what happens when people who don't know and don't ask the people's opinion decide by presenting several projects for citizens to choose from.

      • Chapuzas Denia says:

        It's not a question of what I believe or what you believe. They are facts. It has nothing to do with it. Neither the arrangement of the materials nor the materials themselves, whether pavers or tiles. It's a shame you don't realize it because it's quite obvious...

  4. Dani says:

    An unnecessary work for a tourist city.
    That's where citizens' money goes in pedestrian streets and parks.
    Now with Campos Street closed, firefighters and ambulances will not be able to pass through.
    Bravo for the Mayor.
    Between this and the Bus Station he goes and wins the elections.
    It is obvious that we are in the Catalan area.
    This would have consequences elsewhere.

    • Eva says:

      Exactly, my taxes on pedestrian streets and parks. Like the large European cities that bet on PEOPLE

      • Omniway says:

        That's an argument that doesn't make much sense.
        No matter how early you get up, you wake up earlier.
        Things are done to meet needs, (or should), not to generate them.
        Now that we have the pedestrian Campos Street, let's see where we get people from October to July.
        Was it necessary to make it permanently pedestrianized and inconvenience and harm downtown commerce throughout the year?
        Well, I do not know. I suppose that in the long run it will stabilize, but it is not very rational that something practically irreversible has been done to perpetuate the whim of some.
        There are many European cities where central areas are pedestrianized but you can pass by vehicles at low speed for loading and unloading and for neighbors.
        There are many solutions.
        Decisions are made that are too capricious and those arguments do not justify them.

        • Pau (FR) says:

          Good morning,
          I understand that commercial vehicles that need to park for loading/unloading can do so in pedestrian areas from 08:00 to 13:00 without any problem, with prior authorization from the PL.
          For my part, I hope that the pedestrianization of the city center continues to Quevedo Street and Ronda de les Murales in its entirety at least.
          Cities have effectively been built to live in people and with the appropriate schedule (...now already existing), the places that need it will not have any problem in getting supplies, also people with reduced mobility or owners of garages in their homes can also access without problems.
          Passing by car through the center of Dénia to go from one side to the other is not necessary, because that is what the perimeter round with Miguel Hernández on one side and Joan Fuster on the other is for.

        • lin epoJ says:

          Does this newspaper believe that this way it can respond, it is of no use to its readers, learn from other forums and how to respond interns

        • oJelin poJ says:

          Demonstrating that the answers do not see anything at all

        • lin epoJ says:

          And so on to infinity

        • elin poJ says:

          But the newspaper continues its business even if no one can read it.

        • Weigh says:

          How annoying you are, set up a responsive website yourself