PSPV responds to the criticisms of the Popular who accuse of being responsible for the return of the funds of DéniaFutur

The municipal group of PSPV-PSOE respond to Popular Dénia reviews about the return of DéniaFutur funds, which amount to more than € 300.000. In a statement, the PP de Dénia demanded explanations from the PSPV about this movement. Now, the PSPV says that it is the popular ones that should give explanations about their «Inability to execute» the European subsidy he got, according to the party, Paqui Viciano during his government.

The government team claims to have nothing to hide since the return agreement was published on the transparency portal of the City Council, having facilitated the party of María Mut the minutes of the meeting where it was decided. PSPV accuses the popular of not having asked about this issue before or «To avoid their responsibilities or because government boards are not read».

«The agreement is very clear», states the PSPV: «At the request of the Ministry of Territorial Policy, the City Council must return three cash advances requested and granted at the City Council in 2010 (during the PP government) with a value of € 315.181,13 to execute a project that was valued at more than 8.5 million euros, which were not spent and now the Ministry asks us to return ».

In addition, the Socialists say that the DéniaFutur project was «A clear example of the null management of the PP, being unable to act in the Diana Forest or the garden of Morand, or for installing an ecopark that years later had to disassemble for a sentence». The PSPV concludes by calling the PP to ask its predecessors before making statements to the press «That make no sense».

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