Program of Moors and Christians Dénia 2019

Start date 03 August 2019
Finish date 16 August 2019
Event typeshindig
PlaceIt is explained below
Opening timesIt is explained below

Saturday, August 3

  • 20: 00 hours: Concentration of positions in the Red Cross
  • 20: 30 hours: I proclaim a celebration by Miguel Ángel Fullana, delivery of keys and raising of banners in the Plaza del Consell
  • 22: 00 hours: Halls gala dinner at El Poblet

Sunday, 4 of August

  • 09: 00 hours: XV Sant Roc swimming trip organized by Majorals de Sant Roc and leaving at Estanyó

Monday, August 5

  • 20: 00 hours: Opening of filaes

Tuesday August 6

  • 21: 00 hours: Entraeta party girl Itinerary: exit c / Plaza del Consell, C / Diana, C / Marqués de Campo to Cruz Roja
  • 22: 00 hours: Christian Reception

Thursday, August 8

  • 20: 00 hours: Festers concentration in the Plaza del Consell
  • 21: 00 hours: Entraeta party girl Itinerary: exit Plaza del Consell, C / Diana, C / Marqués de Campos to the Red Cross
  • 22: 00 hours: Mora Reception

Saturday, August 10

  • 11: 00 hours: Visit to the Santa Lucía Nursing Home
  • 22: 30 hours: Valencian pilot's game in the trinquet, organized by Majorals de Sant Roc

Sunday, 11 of August

  • 12: 00 hours: Paellas contest in Marqués de Campo organized by Majorals de Sant Roc
  • 20: 30 hours: Concert of the Musical Artistic Association of Dénia in the Plaza del Consell

Tuesday August 13

  • 20: 00 hours: Moor landing and signing of the truce on the beach of Port de Dénia
  • 22: 00 hours: Camping dinner on La Vía street

Wednesday, August 14

  • Starting at 11: 00 hours: Courtesy visit to the Moravian and Christian captaincies
  • 19: 00 hours: Children's parade Next, parade of bands
  • 00: 00 hours: Entraeta festera from Plaza del Consell until the end of Marqués de Campo

Thursday, August 15

  • Starting at 12: 00 hours, parades of the different filaes through the city.
  • 18: 00 hours: GRAND PARADE OF GALA, with the captains closing their respective side. Itinerary: Departure from Carlos Sentí crossing with Calle La Vía until the end of Marqués de Campo

Friday, August 16

  • 11: 00 hours: Mass in the Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption in Honor of Sant Roc
  • 13: 00 hours: Christian arenga and battle of arcabucería between La Mar street and Diana street
  • 18: 30 hours: Parliament, surrender and miracle of fog
  • 20: 30 hours: Procession in honor of Sant Roc
  • 22: 00 hours: Toilet and final shot. Consell Square
  • 00: 00 hours: Castle fireworks in the harbor

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Comments on "Dénia 2019 Moros y Cristianos Program"

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  1. Maggie :

    This is the first time I have been in Denia for this incredible Festival. Congratulations to all who participated and are still participating it has been an amazing week. Well done all thank you.



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