PP, Cs and Gent de Dénia claim the role of the Valencian in the act of the 9 d'Octubre

09 October 2019 - 15: 11

Popular Party, citizens Dénia and Gent de Dénia have joined in the early hours of this afternoon to perform an act of their own for Día dels Valencians. It has been carried out in the Social Center in front of dozens of attendees.

After reading the first, fifth and seventh articles of the Statute of Autonomy of the Valencian Community, the spokesman of Gent de Dénia, Mario Vidal, of Citizens, Susana Mut, and of the Popular Party, María Mut, have joined in a speech that emphasized is that it is not only a day for the Valencians, but also the "emigrants from other autonomous communities and foreigners who have chosen our land to work and reside in it".

In addition, during the act several messages have been pronounced claiming the importance of the Valencian, both by reading the seventh article, which bets on granting "special protection and respect for the recovery of the Valencian", as for the pride expressed by the councilors of owning their own language.

After the intervention of the political representatives, the choir of the Hogar del Jubilado has performed a song by Valencia, just before concluding with the Community anthem.

  1. A Spanish says:

    In other words, we are "emigrants who have come from other autonomous communities", that is sectarianism. WE ARE SPANISH and period, that for various reasons we have decided to live in this part of Spain as we could have gone to others. Deep down you are like the northern neighbors but second b.

    • Joselito says:

      Very well with you
      If they gave a few that there are (because there are not so many) as much wide sleeve as the ones above we would have to come with a passport from the Kingdom of Spain.

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