polyclinic CUME

Address / LocationSalvador Salvá Street, 6, Bajo. Passage Avenida Amanecer, 37 (Jávea) (see map)
Opening timesDriver Recognition: Monday 17 to 20 16 hours and Thursday: 30 20 to: 30 hours
Business typeclinical analysis, Body analysis, Beauty centers, Medical certificates, Plastic surgery, Clinic Aesthetic Medicine, Private clinic, cosmetics, doctors, Esthetic, Esthetic, esteticien, Aesthetic Medicine

polyclinic Cume

Polyclinic CUME is a specialized clinical health and beauty center with a great team of professionals with Dr. Freya Belló Lozano and Dr. Eladio Ayala Vicedo as medical and cosmetic surgeons. In addition, CUME Polyclinic offers a variety of facial and body aesthetic treatments.

CUME Polyclinic Team

Varicose veins (crioesclerosis and sclerosis foam), lip augmentation (hyaluronic acid) treatments wrinkles (Botox), Mesoplasty with factors inherent growth (infiltration of platelets and vitamins), Yarns suspension for the lifting effect .

Treatment of stretch marks with radiofrequency, Dermoroller and platelets. LPG, massage to shape your body and improve your circulation with a draining body effect. Ozone and radiofrequency treatment for facial revitalization. ANDULATION treatment to balance cells, improve muscle performance, relieve pain or improve sleep. In addition to the treatment to move all body water and improve muscle pain and vibration platforms with individualized classes and personal training.

Polyclinic CUME also performing medical and cosmetic facial and body treatments, also it performs various laser treatments. Between laser treatments are the treatment of acne with blue LED and revitalizing facial treatment with red LED.

Q-Switched charcoal for removing blackheads, acne marks or scars, Q-switched laser for tattoo removal and laser spots. multidiode for removing ruby ​​points, varicose veins and finally waxing and laser hair removal IPL.

In Polyclinic CUME work to take care of your body and your health.


Medical examinations CUME

Polyclinic CUME also offers the service of medical checks for drivers, cranes, weapons, dangerous animals, boats and private security. For surveys of drivers do not need to bring photographs since we realize it instantly. By contrast, for other recognitions that's necessary to bring photography.

In addition we can also do the direct processing of the driving license. The schedule is Thursday of 16: 30 h. to 21: 00 h. in Palmela Avenue, 27-1ºL, Jávea.


Salvador Salvá Street, 6, Bajo. Passage Avenida Amanecer, 37 (Jávea)

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