Police denounce 5 establishments for serving in bars and not respecting hours during the past week

01 March 2021 - 14: 07

Between February 22 and 28, the Local Police of Dénia filed 21 complaints for breach of current regulations to fight the health crisis.

As usual, most of these sanctions have been given for not wearing a mask in a public space. In addition, several complaints have been repeated, this time 5, to hospitality establishments that during the past week, when they were only allowed to sell to take away or send home, served in their bars and also did so without respecting the established hours of the touch curfew.

From today the hoteliers have reopened with the consent of the current regulations, but the bars must remain closed like the interiors of the premises, and the use of a mask is required except during consumption.

  1. José says:

    The police are the henchmen of politicians and many love to feel the power to report bullshit like this

    This is the way to create the NEW DICTATORSHIPS of the xxl century that under the guise of democracy control us at will like cattle that we are for politicians

    What a pity to see how people are submissive to everything that four savvy politicians tell them…. pity of society

    The virus exists of course, but also the wisdom, coherence and fundamental rights of citizens

  2. Mark says:

    Masks on the streets should be removed. The nose should breathe freely, then the person will be healthy.

  3. Mike says:

    Why are people who are honest and have worked their whole lives so humiliated? Because of a virus? After a whole year? I have a bridge to sell you.