Playa Les Deveses

22 June 2015 - 11: 14

With almost 3 kilometers of extension, Les Deveses beach is the widest sandy beach that the municipality of Dénia has. It is the furthest from the urban area, it is located at km 10,8 of the highway from Marines, and part of its charm lies in its naturalness.

Les Deveses access

Among the services offered by this beach are: walkways, litter bins, cleaning service, lifeguard, high chair surveillance, policing, marking safety for swimmers, channel input / output for boats (Cami del Bassot) and facilities entertainment and games (volleyball, mini football, children).

Beach activities Les Deveses

Les Deveses beach, which is accessible by public bus, can practice their wide area of ​​beach sports such as volleyball or mini football. In addition, by having an input channel, the boats can access the sea from the beach.

Furthermore, this beach has a windsurfing school that teaches all levels of this water sport.

Montgo from Les Deveses

Surveillance Beach

Les Deveses beach, like all beaches from the municipality of Dénia, is guarded by Red Cross lifeguards for the safety of bathers. In addition, during the day there are several police patrols that visit the area to guarantee security.


  • Baths Sunshine Bar
  • gelateria Azahar
  • Pizzerias Zenner

tourist accommodation

  • Camping & Bongalows Los Llanos

Parking lot

The parking at this beach should be performed on the access roads to the area, people flood in the summer months. The beach bar The Bathrooms It has private parking exclusively for its customers.

  1. Rosa Maria Marin Torrens says:

    This article must be very old because those sandy beaches no longer exist in Les Deveses. They have been shrinking since the end of the last century due to the lack of aggregates that do not reach the sea (construction of dams) and changes in currents (construction of ports and breakwater, especially the last one between Almadraba and les Deveses, which did not end in L as it should have been done, the plan for the regeneration of the Denia beaches financed by the European Union was not finished and that surprisingly ended there, leaving the Deveses beach unprotected.After the last 2 storms (2017 and Gloria 2019) the water reaches the houses and there is no sand on a good stretch of the beach. Specifically in the photo where it says "El Montgo from les Deveses", neither that terrace nor the stairs on the right exist anymore and everything is water up to the houses !!!.
    Nor does Los Baños have private parking and cars park wherever they can, invading car parks and private chalets.
    So please, before publishing something, update your photos and your data and show what the current reality is like!!

  2. Carlos says:

    Miguel Angel is absolutely right, the regrettable abandonment of the area is a shame. There is no lighting (cycling lane sports is reckless at certain times), not enough pruning containers, not even garbage (and note that the receipts are not cheap), holes in the road, lack of police presence (assault season from October-March )…. we suffered a total abandonment by the City Council. They do not even care about the conservation of the natural space, disastrous protection of the dune system "supposedly protected zones A and B", not to mention the nautical channels that are being enabled for kitesurfing. I understand that Kite schools should be given a "category" location outside the saturated areas, it is inconceivable that HUNDREDS OF BATHERS EVERY DAY (many elderly people) are forced to leave an area of ​​more than 300 meters of sand and water …… .so that schools can carry out their economic activity. What does it mean to pull the sand and water to the vacationers so that a few can deploy their kites? Well, no gentlemen, the development of the sporting activity is always determined by the number of users in that area of ​​the beach. Then, it is normal for vacationers to choose another destination and that no one wants to rent apartments in the area again.

    Finally, I would like to give a touch of attention to those responsible for the Devesses beach maintenance service. MY LORDS, how do you allow your operators to lower the height of the dunes protected with heavy machinery? If the wooden walkways are small-short, put larger ones, but do not lower the height of a protected dune system (zone B) by 2 meters, then it is normal for water to enter the streets before any storm. This happens in Germany and more than one person in charge would be in trouble, but in Spain, …… .. nothing ever happens.
    Good luck to all the neighbors.

  3. Miguel Angel says:

    I would like the media to also echo the unfortunate situation in which the residents of Les Deveses find ourselves and not only publish that there is a beach. We live in streets without public lighting, despite the fact that the Sindic de Greuges has agreed with our protest writings and has urged the city council up to three times to install public lighting. When night falls, the dangers and threats multiply. We walk with flashlights through all the streets, sometimes there is no choice but to walk along the bike lane and cars literally brush past walkers. Cars park in the bike lane and you have to step on the road, both pedestrians and cyclists. There is an abandoned building with several houses from which rats come out (I live opposite and see it daily). Occupants also jump into homes making annoying noise until the wee hours of the morning. Garbage is not collected daily and it smells very bad. There have been house robberies because complete darkness without streetlights is an accomplice for thieves. The Santa Ana beach area is literally the most abandoned area of ​​Les Deveses and I can say that my taxes are not reflected in the quality of life that I was looking for with my family. We are abandoned and they have only lit three streetlights due to the complaint of a neighbor who fell at night and thus avoided the trial. It is an area that I do not recommend to anyone to live in and many neighbors have sold their houses due to the municipal abandonment and the lack of services.

  4. lasserrebernard says:

    join honte! Comment the municipality of DENIA will tell you that DEVESES is a belle plage.cela fait plus de quarante even that je viens sur cette plage..apres la derniere tempete de cet hiver des blocs de pierre n'ont pas été retirés ce qui peut provoquer a risque d'accident mettant in cause the responsibility of the mairie of DENIA. Il ya des endroit ou il n'y a plus de plage.les aménagements sont nuls..pas de toilette; pas de parking les accés à la plage ne sont pas aménagés correctly in particular devant l'eglise d'été.les rues sont you go out; Messieurs the responsible techniques of Denia Venezuela have confirmed that the TV is a reportage.je suis a contributor de DENIA ET J'aimerais that month impots to serve the améliorer ce site abandoned.