Pinar del Río, an unrecognizable ferry after 55 days stranded

The night of August 16 is far away, when the ferry passengers Pinewood of the river surely suffered the fright of his life. The boat was stranded at the mouth of the port, a few meters from the end of its route.

It was a party night, last day of Moors and Christians in Dénia. So much so that the work of Maritime Rescue and Civil Guard for ground passengers they were not carried out under the light of the stars or of the spotlights, but low the lighting of the kilos of gunpowder that illuminated that night the sky with a fireworks castle that fired the holidays.

Since then, the ferry has endured strong storms, the toughest DANA of recent years and the visit of thousands of curious people in what became an impromptu tourist claim (until it was overshadowed by the glittering gold of Lady Moura).

Withdrawal work was expected due to the complicated studies that were carried out. The first option was to try the trailer, which was rejected to bet on scrapping piece by piece and its subsequent transfer to recycling plants. This has been done in recent weeks, leaving the current stamp: a helmet with hardly anything on the surface. What in its day would house dozens of vehicles that were removed by air, now it's nothing.

They are the remains of a long odyssey that will also disappear when the scuba crew again leaves the entrance of the port without traces of Pinewood of the river.

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