Pepe Doménech: «We set ourselves the goal of finishing the first part of Diana's Bosc»

He holds a Diploma in Business Studies. Since 12 years ago, she works as an assistant in the Romany Pharmacy, and is linked to PSPV-PSOE since the year 2003. It is Pepe Domenech, new councilor of Parks and gardens; Beach planning and management; Citizen participation and good government and cemetery.

Doménech recognizes that they have always liked «Street themes». So much so that he does not hesitate to use his social networks to publicize projects or demand improvements in Dénia. Because Pepe Doménech feels Dénia very much. He shows it by his involvement in the festivities, belonging to the Peña Bernardos from Bous to the Sea; or forming part of Dénia Run, with whom this year has participated in the Circuit a Peu to the Marina Alta.

After the elections of the 26 of May, in which 11 number of the socialist candidacy concurred, Pepe Doménech has become one more member of the government team, an experience that faces «With great enthusiasm and a lot of responsibility». And, despite the short time he has been in office, he already has clear objectives and where to start.

The first thing on their list is that the beaches are in conditions, now that we are already in high season, but begin to work already in the new specifications that will become necessary so that, next year, the concessions of chiringuitos will be renewed , hammocks and skates. And beyond this necessary bureaucracy, from your department is going to bet on the awareness on the cleaning of butts on our beaches, among other social campaigns.

And from the sea, to the mountain. Because from the Department of Parks and Gardens, Doménech will promote the completion of the first part of the great green lung of the city of Dénia, the Bosc Diana. Currently there is already a project for the adaptation of roads and the installation of lighting, looking to start with the second phase of the project, on the other side of the Camí de Sant Joan.

These delegations add Citizen Participation, with an already confirmed increase of 20% annual in participatory budgets, as explained by the Socialists in their government program.

Pepe Doménech defines his colleagues in the government team as «A hard-working team, with a lot of enthusiasm». With them, and with the political reference of the former mayor Paqui Viciano, Doménech faces four years of municipal work.

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  1. Pigeon :

    Much encouragement! But the beaches continue, today 20 July, in sorry state, full of dry seaweed that shows a very negative image of this city.


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