Popular Party and Citizens require the City Council to explain the silence regarding the General Structural Plan

After making public this morning the concealment by the City Council of the notification sent by the Ministry last May 14 regarding the General Structural Plan, the municipal group of Citizens and Popular Party demand the government of the PSPV-PSOE and the Councilor for Territory, Maria Josep Ripoll, an explanation about the opacity in the matter.

According to the information that has been made public, the local government would have omitted the status of the proposal to the other parties, as well as the claim of the Consell d'Urbanisme of the reports necessary to carry out the approval, whose term will expire in the next weeks

«Bearing in mind that the notification came out of Consellería last 14 in May and that we are already in the month of July, we believe that, although they like transparency, the citizens of Denia and, in particular, the rest of the political parties we deserve an explanation to so much mystery », declare popular Dénia.

From Ciudadanos, on the same line, they warn that "If everything is not resolved and the General Structural Plan is approved before August, we will have to start over again, which will mean the total failure of that 2015 electoral promise that, before the end of that year, the PGE would be approved".

Apparently, the mayor, Vicent Grimalt, I would have been avoiding to treat the matter with evasive and excuses as the lack of appointment of the conseller by the elections. The concealment of the development of the request has caused, according to the Popular Party, «A negligent delay in time».

Therefore, both parties require the City Council an explanation on the matter and solutions to the possibility that the proposal does not go ahead.

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