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Perez Buigues opticians, specialists in the care of your visual health

14 March 2018 - 00: 00

In Ópticas Perez Buigues they have it very clear, the first thing is visual health. That is why they strive every day to give us the best service and a high quality product.

In addition, they always give us the best advice to prevent problems in our eyes and in the eyes of the little ones in the house.

With the arrival of spring and good weather the sun hits with more power in our eyes. For this reason, in Ópticas Perez Buigues tell us that it is very important to protect our eyes from the sun's radiation, as well as the skin.

The specialists, Belin and Chelo emphasize that we have to be able to distinguish between a dark lens and a lens with a good filter. Since it is vitally important to buy sunglasses that are adequate and have good radiation filters.

Tips for visual health in children

In addition, both opticians, are specialists in the visual health of the smallest of the house and from optical Perez Buigues, advise us:

- Perform a first visual check at three years of age.
- From the 5 years, carry out another more in-depth review.
- Observe. Be prevented and contemplate the child, since there are many signs that can make us suspect a bad vision.
- Go to the specialist if we see any clue however small.

For more information, do not hesitate to visit its stores in: Temple Sant Telm Street, 17 and Avenida del Montgó, 8-B, Dénia.

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