Opinion PSPV: "Balance of electoral results of the PSPV-PSOE Dénia"

November 11 from 2019 - 13: 10

Celebrate the results of PSOE, of course. I subscrivim les paraules d'anit de Pedro Sánchez: milions of people have returned to trust in the socialist project and the PSOE has guided the general elections of the November 10.

First força to Espanya. First to the Valencian Community. Also to Dénia, on fins and tot hem millorat in percentatge de vots i l'electorat socialista has demonstrated the seua fidelity for a progressive proposal that the city is governed by the absolute majority of the passat month of June.

Volem agran els 5.731 deniers who have trusted the PSPV-PSOE in the 10N and the treball that they have fetched more than 50 apoderats de l'Agrupació Socialista de Dénia that there will be collaborating in the celebration of democracy.

From hui, I also maintained the hope and illustrated it for a stable governor. Per a bon governor. For a country millor.

A governor led the PSOE, with the most part of the vote, both l'objectiu clar and inalienable from the politics per totes i tots; but to maintain and advance in l'estat del benestar; in an economically modern country; i socialment integrator i tolerant. Now, per tant, to act amb generositat and responsabilitat per unblocking the country.

Tanmateix, also this moment of stopping and reflecting on the current moment, in which the populismes, arreu del món, are creixent, how Espanya is succeint. Also, to Dénia. In addition to that, the Democrats had the responsibility of defending the principal principles and values ​​that undermine the Spanish rule.

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  1. Masmelasuda says:

    The mayor of + 40% only speaks Catalan.

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