Opinion of the PSPV Dénia: "They do not know more ... Or because the PP s'entesta in exporting the Catalan conflict to our city"

23 October 2019 - 13: 28

César Sánchez, number 1 of the Partit Popular to the Congrés per Alacant, is going to visit Dénia per a fer la seua particular i sorprenent contributed to the precampanya to our region: "The PSOE to serve the language to divide society, but to unite it ”, will say l'exalcalde de Calp in reference to linguistic requirement aprovat pel Ple per a l'accés to the public function. And in this monothem he faces if he will cheer up more, you end up accusing the mayor, Vicent Grimalt, to convert Dénia into "satèl·lit de la Catalunya nacionalista".

I thought that these are manifestations that do not deserve to take place - a debate will be on the voltant. He PP not in sap més. Seua nul·la politics, in clar retroces in els darrers anys, has seen in the esdeveniments catalans -l'anomenat "procés", declared her unilateral independence, the subsequent arrests of the national leaders, the sentiment and the aldarulls of the Setmana passada- a taula de salvació to which grab-ben fort per not to be offended in the sea revolts that it is the Spanish spire, on which are molts els that try to fish the mateixos peixos amb the canya of irresponsible populism.

I will ignite and be the conflict, generate alarm, lie, if lime, but to scare the city is a gross strategy, but usual in les campanyes dels partits de dreta.

Tanmateix, consider the possibility that Mr. Sánchez, actually, patint per the Catalan drift of the governor denier, but to calm the seu neguit, remember that the implementation of the requisite is not more than the application of the Llei per to advise l 'equated the two official Llengües to the community. More than the emotional vessant of the language, of the prejudices, of the reasons why some of them try to feed, this measure will guarantee, simply, the qualification of the city to be attentive, in addition to Denia, in the co-official language that trie.

Quasi amb resigned the assumim that, periodically, declarations of this type will arrive at the premsa holders. Because they don't know more, nor do they have more resources to try to get the voters to bet on them.

Of totes forms, also periodically, the temps poses to Cadascú to Seu Lloc. I César Sánchez bé ho sap. The seu alarming recurs to the Constitutional Court against the Llei de Mancomunitats of the Generalitat, accusative, an altra vegada, els governs progressistes to catalanitzar the Valencian Community, goes over the expected response: the Constitutional will validate the Llei and the figure of the regional community .

Equally sorprenent is to feel like people with Sanchez, who are not a fan of Valencia, drive indiscriminately against nostra llengua. That the greatest effort of a political campaign is to dedicate to a great manifestation of our culture and identity. That the next maximum aspiration continue to make the coexistence between Valencia and Castellà in nostra terra problematic, as opposed to respecting each other's qualification of qualifying person or person who defends, for example , the linguistic requirement of the City Council of Dénia.

  1. Masmelasuda says:

    The psoe always supporting the enemies of Spain and the Spanish.
    They are the bedeles of the Nazionalists. With the sole purpose of governing to steal. Andalusia is an example.
    Valencians wake up! Oh we will end up like the Catalans.

  2. Tayyara says:

    Well written and articulated, this note does not respond to the underlying issue that is of interest to citizens: the left is allied with the extreme left and with the Catalan independentists of the Valencian community. The ideology of normalization justifies the official monolingualism and copies step by step what has been experienced in Catalonia and then in the Balearic Islands, Navarra, etc. Pesoe's promise to turn the community into an exclusive fiefdom of the Spanish-Castilian to perpetuate itself in power and manage our money . Excluding 90% of Spaniards who do not speak or write Valencian from any job (for example my children raised abroad and who are trilingual) does not generate progress or improve coexistence. We have already seen this in the north. Do we want to follow in their footsteps?

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