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Opinion of Paco Roselló (PSPV): «Perquè pugem l'IBI»

February 06 from 2020 - 13: 51

I just approved the pressupostos per a l'any 2020 and ho hem fet amb només three vots against. I just endorsed the most social presses of the darrers anys; those who public works promote per m entrepreneurs llargament demands for citizenship; pressupostos that stand up, amb diners, to problems recurrents com les mancances del servei de neteja urban (amb a notable augment of the planned investment per nou contract) or make it difficult for the department of Urbanism (on which the staff will expand expedite the granting of licenses, the writing of the future General Plan and the management of the large public volume, molta d'ella decided directly by the city through the Pressupostos Participatius).

We have endorsed a pressures that have been endorsed by the groups of the opposition have been appraised by positius and realists, who have integrated the constructive contributions of all the parties who have participated and who are the starting point for great projects. with the renovation of the sports facilities in the city, the transformation of the House of Culture, the continuity of the Pla Edificant als col·legis, the redevelopment of entorns urbans with the Plaça de Valgamedios, the condition of the Bosc de Diana ...

Hem aprovat uns molt bons pressupostos; pressupostos that manage amb responsibility and loyalty to the citizens demands els diners de totes i tots. Però les seues bondats have sigut eclipses for the puja de l'IBI, which also s'inclou in them.

Però, per què pugem l'IBI?

Pugem l'IBI perquè l'especulació urbanística de les darreres dècades ens has deixat a tangible herència: from a reform of the Llei del Cadastre, the terrenys that do not develop with urbans -però that expects them unflades of the construction will carry a qualification with them so that they will be taxed again with rustic. I això equals to lose 600.000 euros d'ingressos.

The way to compensate for this loss is to carry out a current update of the cadastral value -ajornada des de fa anys, which is really Dénia ens trobàvem in valors de l'any 1989-, which assumes a bid of 2,85% of l ' IBI Amb this increment recaptarem uns 500.000 euros.

I, parlem-ne clar: tots els membres de la Corporació, al govern o l'posició, quem que no no can assuming a loss of 600.000 euros and maintaining the level of investments in the millions that need to be addressed in this pressupost. Totes i tots, al govern oa l'oposició saberm, independent of the political joc of titulars mediàtics, who could not assume a loss of 600.000 euros and continue to demand millions in la neteja, the pla de xoc in urbanism, a pavelló nou, more resources socials per les persones ho ho need ...

I thought that, totes and tots, with the citizens hem d'entendre that the imposts are those that allow permeate thousands in the city, invest more in social welfare, asphalting roads, neting the platges ...

2,85% of the equivalent bid to pay 2,85 euros per per 100 of the rebut de l'IBI.
I els 500.000 euros that allow the recovery of the canvi legislatiu i la consegüent decided to apply the cadastral update equivalent to:

- Amb la meitat d'eixos diners (€ 261.000), you can repair the tombat pavilion for the DANA.
- 500.000 euros are a quarter of the investment in serveis socials (which amounts to almost 2 million euros).
- The meitat d'eixos diners equivalent to l'augment previst del contracte de neteja (€ 265.000).
- 500.000 euros is also the qualification of the volem to arrive in the endowment of the Pressupostos Participatius l'lastim any of the legislature, but to finance actions and proposals directly for the citizenship.
- Amb a cinquena part (€ 90.000), I started the Bosc de Diana.
- Amb a third part (€ 150.000), possessed the Santa Llúcia Residence.

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