Opinion of Oscar Mengual (PSPV): "AP-7, the successful end of a collective struggle"

30 December 2019 - 11: 08

We cannot end the year without making a political assessment of the end of the AP-7 concession, since it is a backbone of communications in our region of La Marina Alta absolutely fundamental.

It is necessary to put in value the measure adopted by the Ministry of Development of not extending the concession and, therefore, to realize the great social, political and economic demand of this region: that the highway is finally free to use and gratuitous.

And it must be valued in contrast to the measure taken by the state government when, led by the Popular Party, decided to extend the concession for 13 more years, that is, until December 31, 2019.

Let us think for a moment that the socialist government of Madrid has decided to reverse this infrastructure so that it is finally public and universal. That is the news, and that is the value of a government that looks for people, as opposed to a government that only looked for the business benefit of a few, and there are the 1.249 million extra benefits of the concessionaire for the last extension.

Much has been written and socialists have been criticized for this issue. But the reality is that at the time of making the decision a historical claim has been addressed and yes, it has been a socialist government.

Let's celebrate this decision that affects us directly and positively. Let us celebrate that, thanks to the efforts of many groups and entities, city councils, the Generalitat Valenciana and civil society, together and together in the same direction, we have achieved the final objective.

All power is weak if it is not based on union. So we take good note of that necessary union and apply it to the rest of the challenges that we face in our region in terms of transport.


  1. Manuel Femenia says:

    With the stolen in you are by the PSOE. We could have the vicinity from Valencia and Alicante in Denia and in much of the region. This is only a socialist patch that will be paid by those who circulate through P7 and those who do not.
    Bolivarian politics and thief progre.

  2. Manuel Femenia says:

    Free. Juas, juas, juas….
    We will already pay with the rise in gasoline and multiplied by three.

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