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Compromís Dénia opinion: «Es requereix igualtat cap a la llengua»

August 30 from 2019 - 12: 22

Aquest estiu no hem estrenat polèmiques. Seguim amb les mateixes de semper: Posidònia i la llengua; and a veiled high, he divided it between the quals defending them and the quals defending them. I am also interested in political sectors that use our mainstream media, which continue to be environmental or cultural, but will spread by creating division.

This last one will turn to Tots Els Mitjans for the purpose of applying the linguistic requirement in October to the municipal occupations. Per decomptat, always resonate in the veins that parlen d '"imposició", d' "indoctrinament", "senda de l'independentisme", "nationalisme catalanista" or "sectarisme ranci estalinista". I s'ha dit also that both the incorporation of this linguistic competence in public treballs is necessary when respecting “als drets més bàsics dels ciutadans”. Res més lluny de la realitat.

Des de Compromís believed that this is not an "obligatory" cap to the public treballer, but the dret of the city / city to the fetus that is held in the second language. What is certain is that the previous policy of voluntarism has not been effective, and Valencian and Valencian institutions go to the Administration and in some cases they do not discuss the interlocució in the Mateixa Llengua. I have no idea that Valencia is the native language in our community, co-official together with Castellà, and therefore it is necessary that the staff will carry out capacity to attend in this language, something that does not mean an attack against l'altra .

Per això, estem farts that substitutes the language to divide the society and that molts consider it as a language of segona. Of which parlem nosaltres es d'igualtat i respected cap a tret propi i unic of our culture, and cap to the people that esteem eixa culture. Ja ho diu la llei: “The establishment of a co-official regime did not contradict the principle of the Spanish state of Spain”.

Quan nou equip de govern of the PSOE will be able to speak to Citizens the delegation of Linguistic Normalització, between elevations, after rebutjàrem les competències, vam feel a complete disappointment. That els antics socis de govern foren capaços entrusts them to be delegated by one of the Valencian cultural groups that the Toni Cantó partit has more than mentioned, the part that is going to be the title of the villager's language, will produce a great mistrust davant quina anava to be the future local linguistic policy.

But I fled, if we consider that s'hauria d'haver anat a more mica lluny in some cases, cal donate-li l'h congratulations to the local governor for the political will to apply this proposal, it is in the Government of the Botanic. A proposal that gaudeix de suport legal, and that will suppose a substantial change in l'ús del valencià, essential for balancing the linguistic inequality, and making the city tax to be communicated in Valencia in l'àmbit administratiu.

One given: the Basc Country has guided 223.000 parlants in the last 25 anys to Euskadi, Navarra ... According to a sociolinguistic enquesta realized, they are the youngest ones who drive the seu creixement. I have sigut in part gràcies a l'increment de l'ús de la llengua des de los institutions.

Let none believe that it is tracta d'un requisit excloent. Posing in value the culture and the language serveix per to add, respect and conviure in society.

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