CEDMA opinion: «Reindustrialize the Marina Alta: gain in competitiveness»

The productive business fabric of the Marina Alta, being strong, is terribly encased. Tourism remains our largest source of income and there are more and more entrepreneurs who take risks in agrifood. It is the industrial sector that we have set aside for decades, and we need it.

There are projects, there are entrepreneurs and there is a will to develop their own industry in the region. The ones we have invest in research and development, export their products, offer stable employment and diversify the economy of the Marina Alta. As it is an essential sector for competitiveness, why not take off? Basically for two reasons: the lack of infrastructure and the shortage of industrial land.

In recent times, the few polygons designed in the Marina Alta region have followed a common pattern: developments in private soils and configurations of commercial, non-industrial polygons. And that with luck. There are polygons underway for decades in which it seems that companies are installed for punishment, since there is practically no parking, the roads are so narrow that the trucks cannot maneuver and the inadequacy of the infrastructure is sharp. The situation is so absurd in some cases - as in Dénia - that the polygon is but does not exist, and the streets have no name, so that companies can hardly be geolocated and must give the signs as it was in the last century: "In the corner of the blue ship, you turn and then to the third street ..."

From CEDMA It has been insisted on several occasions (and we will continue to do so) in the importance of looking for a well-designed and designed industrial land public development model that favors the implementation of new projects and avoids speculation about the price of land.

This land, to be advantageous and effective in the face of a reindustrialization of the region, should be as well connected as possible: close to the highway; with an easy access to the Port of Dénia; close to the future layout of the wide-track train (yes, that too) and with the most advanced digital communication networks.

Should all the industrial estates of all the towns of the Marina Alta be like this from now on? Everyone should correct their deficiencies, which have them. And in addition, we should raise one or two large, accessible polygons, designed specifically for the industry and managed at the regional level, perhaps through a consortium. This would be a real boost to our internal economy and strengthen us in the face of the skinny cows that are announcing to us almost all the political formations in this autumn campaign.

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