Forget redness and acne thanks to new laser HLA San Carlos

Dermatology Service HLA San Carlos He has acquired a new art laser which will treat numerous skin diseases, thanks to its innovative series of applicators Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

"Ellipse Multiflex Plus (+) is an equipment that comes at the right time to meet the growing demand for treatments for our patients," said Dr. David Ayala, one of the specialists in Dermatology Clinic Saint Charles, Who notes that "since last May consultations have not stopped receiving new cases, even after the summer, which is usually a all claims for our specialty."

Skin treatment.

Despite the increased activity, HLA Hospital in Marina Alta Group, continues to maintain an average wait for assistance not exceeding seven days and the new provision reaffirms its commitment to this specialty.

"The hospital has made a good investment buying a unique tool that in turn is very versatile and has a wide range of dermatological applications that cater to the same laser platform modular and upgradable design," explains skin doctor.

"The new laser equipment selects appropriate default for each treatment parameters based on the pre assessment of patients and aim to treat" describes the dermatologist and continues that "each treatment session is automatically dumped into the medical history patient, allowing interaction, see or continued health care with other team members dermatology clinic.

Erase the bad traces of any age

Another service that are incorporated with the new laser, is the elimination of senile or sunspots, diffuse redness, uneven pigmentation of the face and body, besides the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

"Although the skin type of the patient also influences, the photorejuvenation technique that allows to apply the Ellipse Multiflex + requires fewer treatment sessions, compared to other systems", concludes the doctor.

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