'Objetos perdidos Dénia', the group in which more than 4.000 people search and find all kinds of objects

Maybe you do not belong to that group, but surely in the last months, at some point, a notification has appeared on your Facebook wall about publications that are made in the group Lost objects Dénia.

What was born as a way to help the residents of the city to find and find all kinds of lost objects continue to maintain their essence, only now it is shared among 4476 people. It is one of the Dénia Facebook group with the most followers, in which the activity is incessant every day.

Vicent Femenía was the creator of this group. It all started more than a year ago, in January of 2018, when he found some keys on the road and decided to publish it on the social network to help find its owner. Since then, the group has been growing gradually and has become the first place that many neighbors come to find owners or find what they have lost.

If something stands out from this group is the generosity of its members, who do not hesitate to share the publications of the users to get the object to their owners. And it is that the operation is very simple: a member that finds an object, photographs it and uploads it to the group, indicating where and when it has found it. From there, photography becomes viral, and it is quite usual for the object to return to its owner.

There are also publications of lost animals, especially cats, making this group a reference for people who have lost something in Dénia and its surroundings.

There is no record of what has been found in this long year of operation, but undoubtedly what is most found are lost keys, wallets or glasses. And sometimes, at least curious findings, such as panties that were found in the bathroom of a restaurant, but in this case the owner was not located ...

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