Muebles Martínez celebrates its 100 years with the inauguration of a memorial museum

100 years have passed since that 1919, a family started a business in Benissa. The lack of work and the need to bring money home was the trigger for what they did not imagine. Actually, the story of furniture Martínez It goes back to 1913, when two brothers buy a bedding machine.

From there, the business grows and the family starts making furniture. Over the years, at 1930 they buy the land to build a factory and thus expand the business. Its construction ends in 1936, just when the war begins. But Muebles Martínez continues on, and after the war, the brothers, Batiste and Pepe separate. Pepe continues with this family business, which later on 1950 passes to his children, Pepe, Juan and Jaime.

Over the years, the business changed its name but not its essence. The family brand and the dedication to furniture persisted to this day. At present, it is the third generation that forms and is in charge of Muebles Martínez; Pepe, Ana and Mª Ángeles.

100 years of dedication and customer service that is commemorated with a tribute to their ancestors, their family. Now, a museum reigns one of the corners of the exhibition of Muebles Martínez. The machines, documents, photographs and details recall the work, effort and dedication of some brothers, a family and more than 170 employees who have worked during the 100 years in this business.

The Martínez Furniture Museum, despite being private, has its doors open for those who want to visit it.

Muebles Martínez, 100 years of life and admiration.

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