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Melani Ivars Rojas: «We want to hear new proposals to improve the supply of Youth»

15 July 2019 - 12: 44

With 27 years she is the youngest councilor of the government team. So much so that he was part of the age table in the full takeover that was held last 15 in June. But despite being one of the new additions to the socialist team, Melani Ivars Rojas is one of the best known faces of the new corporation after having been, in 2018, the biggest faller of Dénia.

It was precisely that year that brought him closer to the socialist formation on a personal level. Thanks to the party councilor, Óscar Mengual, and the mayor of the city, Vicent Grimalt, Melani became interested in the project and was finally invited to join the team in this new journey. The young woman, who attended the elections as number 12 of the socialist list, has become the new councilor for Education, Youth, Prevention of Addictions and Transparency.

In the area of ​​education, Ivars has set itself the goal of continuing to execute the Pla Edificant set in motion by the Generalitat Valenciana in the last legislature, which will improve the educational infrastructure of the regional capital.

In Youth, Melani Ivars is willing to "Listen to new proposals to continue improving the offer and operation of the department", whereas in the area of ​​Prevention of Addiction considered fundamental "try to reach more people to raise public awareness in this regard".

The new councilor faces this challenge "With a lot of responsibility, eager to learn from my classmates and do my best to improve Dénia". And it is that, after the experience as maximum representative of the failures of Dénia, Melani Ivars knows what it is to be close to society and receive from them what they think about Dénia. So she wants to be remembered, "as an accessible, natural and close councilor who listens to people day by day".

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