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More than 160 reported in a week: a minority in front of a people that respects

24 March 2020 - 14: 46

During the past week, the number of complaints imposed by the Local Police and National Police in Dénia were 161. A striking figure but, of course, reflecting the infractions of a minority of citizens.

Javier Scotto, Councilor for Citizen Protection, has defined this medium as cases of people who bypass restrictions without just cause as exceptional. As for the increase in the number of complaints in recent days, with the exception of Sunday, which with the supermarkets closed and less work activity, people have more respected the quarantine, Scotto points out that this is due to the increase in police controls and the modification of the decree.

In the case of vehicles, until a few days ago it was recommended that there be only one occupant, but now it is already an obligation, which has led to increased sanctions. Similarly, the first days were made requirements and even "they let themselves pass" some cases to outline the measures and the situation. Ignorance is no longer an excuse, so the agents have become stricter with compliance with the measures.

We recall that the minimum penalty is € 600, which can increase up to 30.000. However, as we said above, the councilor insists that the offenders are a minority and considers that people are becoming increasingly aware of the situation and, therefore, will respect the decree more. In addition, citizens gradually assume that there is no shortage, so they regulate their purchases, tending to do them weekly and thus leave less home.

Now, as we published a few hours ago, yesterday was the day with the highest number of sanctions since the state of alarm was decreed. Scotto blames it on the fact that at the beginning of the week people relax and look for justification to leave, to which it must be added that commuting due to labor issues increases. "But we have noticed a decrease in presence on the streets", indicates the councilman.

Of the 4.120 interventions that took place last week, only 161 were complaints, a fact that reinforces the exceptional nature of the offenders. The most repeated? Athletes and vehicles with more than one occupant without justification.

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