María Moldes exhibits her work Bloop in Dénia

Start date: 18 September 2020
Finish date: 24 October 2020
Event type: Exposition
Site: Marquis de Campo
Event finished

María Moldes exhibits in Dénia, within the Ojos Rojos festival, her work Bloop. The facility, in the Calle Marques de CampoIt can be visited from September 18 to October 24.

In this series, María Moldes has been inspired by the American science fiction cinema of the 50s, trying to transfer the reality of this area where hundreds of people come to take "therapeutic" muds and baths, to a science fiction setting , creating a setting and characters that could have come from both Mars ... and Murcia.

Emphasizing the absurdity of human behavior and in particular, in this case, the environmental pollution of the Mar Menor, close to collapse due to urban pressure and agricultural discharges.

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