Upset in Les Marines for the state of one of the accesses to the beach a few days before the start of the season

When something more than two weeks are missing for the start of the high season of occupancy of the beaches of Dénia, the malaise has increased in the area of ​​the Ionian Sea Street, which gives access to the beach of Les Bovetes, in Les Marines.

The wooden walkways are damaged, as well as the footbath installed in that access, which is even dangerous for bathers who want to access the sand. The neighbors are waiting to know if the City Council is going to take any action to solve this problem in the coming days.

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Comments on "Upset in Les Marines for the state of one of the accesses to the beach a few days before the season"


  1. MC :

    The problem with Marinas is that it has never been solved in depth. Since they built the extension of the port the currents were altered and with this the beaches were loaded.
    Those walls of those houses have been built over 70 years. When the beach had a width of 30 meters. Long before the monstrosity of enlargement of the port carried out without apparently of many a study in the repercussion that the change of currents that have loaded the beach.
    What the city council has to solve is that the beach does not disappear food by the sea but stop the sea long before it penetrates and penetrates the land.
    The solution is not to load the first line of houses adjoining the beach. Because the sea will continue to enter more and more.
    Many countries have the same problem but their solution is something more intelligent and they study and make solutions to gain land to the sea and not let it get invaded by the sea.
    I hope that in Spain there is a bit of common sense and wisdom.

  2. marta :

    To 27 of June and the chiringuitos unopened! Amazing. besides the algae, the cleaning, without water .. Here you come to the beach also in June and it is a shame how they are.

  3. Kross :

    It is a shame there is no water in any lavapies of denia, I have traveled all the coast without exaggerating
    32 lavapies and none but none has water, the mayor will be happy here that maybe if they wash it I will certainly go to another beach that at least has to remove the sand after a day in the beach and not be uncomfortable with the sand until you get to a place that you can take it away, because of course if after taking a bath you want to eat there you can not because you are full of sand and they do not let you go anywhere and of course going to the hotel to take it off and back is a big waste of time and since I come to the hotel I stay here it is a pity that the resorts on the coast are left without this type of clientele because they do not have well-conditioned beaches so my experience as a tourist I did not like anything, I will not step on this beach anymore

  4. TERESA :

    It is incredible that the Beaches are full of algae and waste. This morning I almost floor a glass in my daily walk. I do totally disgusted by the poor condition of the beach of Les Basetes. The access road is covered by a mountain of sand that is impassable for anyone who has a physical impairment. If we come to Denia it is because it has a beach and we want to enjoy it in conditions, because if it were not for that reason we would have bought the house somewhere else. The cleaning and care of the city is important for the welfare of those who come and pay taxes. !!!!!!!!

  5. Jesus M Moral :

    Discomfort is widespread in all Marines. At this point the beaches have not been cleaned. Lavapies water has started to work two days ago. The wooden walkway that is in the delivery area is invaded by sand and plants.

  6. Miranda :

    And, as always, the beach interrupted in Blau beach area by the walls of 3 homes. Couldn't they, at once, be forced to move their walls inward? Thus it is NOT TRUE that "les marines" measure 17 kilometers. They measure only two!


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