Maite Pérez Conejero: «My great obsession for these four years will be the cleaning of the streets of Dénia»

Four years ago, she broke into active regional politics after being elected mayor of La Xara. Now, after a job that colleagues and neighbors call "impeccable", makes the leap to municipal representation in Dénia as a member of the socialist government team.

Maite Pérez Conejero He was born 44 years ago in Dénia. She has always been a very active woman and closely linked to Dianense society, especially the failures. He has devotion to his two daughters and his family, fundamental pillars in this new stage as a councilor in the City of Dénia. Since the year 2008 is actively linked in the PSPV-PSOE, party in which his grandfather, his parents, and now his sisters and she were militating.

This Higher Technician in administration and finance by the IES María Ibars has worked in the CDT of Dénia, and from now on it will be dedicated to 100% both to the mayor's office of La Xara and to the Department of Ecological Transition that has been assigned for this legislature. And he does it with Paqui Viciano as a political reference. A woman who highlights that «He knew how to end in politics», where do you consider that «We must know how to arrive, be and finish».

The four years of mayor have served «To gain security», she says, because now, «Although they are new departments» face the new responsibility with that «Small advantage» about newcomers to the socialist team. A team that the councilor describes as «Fantastic people, a great group in which everyone contributes a lot».

Looking ahead to this legislature, and although «We just landed» In the department, Pérez Conejero is very clear about his priority: «The council covers many areas, but my big obsession is the cleanliness of the streets of Dénia, I want to make that aspect be something to highlight for those who come to visit us»Says the councilor.

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Comments on "Maite Pérez Conejero:« My great obsession for these four years will be the cleaning of the streets of Dénia »"


  1. Francisco de Cárdenas Sans :

    Ayravesar the street of La Via is like crossing a desert. Couldn't trees be planted that shade us in the hot summer days?

  2. Bill jervis :

    It would be good to get specifics as to how this will be funded, and what «cleaning the streets» actually covers! As has already been stated, litter, cigarette ends, gum, dog fouling ...? What about the level of graffiti that plagues the town? Areas which would otherwise be very pleasant are spoiled by graffiti «tagging» - when left alone this encourages more and more…

    None of the above are complex tasks to resolve ..
    1) Set large on the spot ends for littering, dog fouling, etc.
    2) Increase the level / frequency of street cleaning.
    3) Invest in graffiti removal equipment - chemical and / or sandblast as appropriate.
    4) Setup a call line where significant issues can be reported.

    All of this, however, takes money - which takes us back to the funding point!

  3. Ingeborg Katharina Ohm :

    Ingeborg, 30.07.2019
    Wir wohnen in der Avellena Street, die zum letzten Mal 2017 gereinigt wurde. Die Strasse befindet sich in einem katastrophalen Zustand, sie wächst durch den angrenzenden Barranco, der noch nie gepflegt wurde, zu. Das Haus No. 1 war jahrelang von einem Kriminellen besetzt, dort sind Haus und Grundstück total zugemüllt. Die Ratten leben dort wie im Paradies. Alle Eingaben etwas zu unternehmen werden ignoriert. Was wird mit unseren Steuergeldern gemacht ????

  4. Margherita :

    A monumental job but after cleaning there is a bigger job - there is a campaign to educate people not to throw their "gum" and other garbage in the streets and train dog owners (again) to always clean after of his dogs
    Is it also possible to influence those responsible for the maintenance of the archaeological site located opposite the 5 Joan Fuster number to repair and paint the enclosure, as they promised to do for many years?
    Thank you very much from our all!

  5. Leon :

    Well, go on Ondara Street
    There the cleaning shines by its absence and the rats are at ease
    DENIA is life

  6. Jose Luis Gutierrez :

    Indeed the cleaning in Denia leaves much to be desired, but there are also other aspects that should be taken into account by the mayor, as is the principle of Asagador de la Marjal, where every day we play life those who want to go to the beach, since By not extracting sidewalks (in the section of the parking lot of the traders) we have no choice but to walk down the street with the danger of going with children to the beach, another detail of the cleanliness is the amount of mosquitoes (TIGER) that we eat.


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