The Popular demand from the City Council explanations about the return of € 300.000 granted to the Kringe government

The Popular Party of Dénia has demanded from the Government team explanations about the return of 315.181,13 €, corresponding to the DéniaFutur project that the popular ones launched when they held the mayor's office Ana Kringe in 2010. The Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Management has claimed these funds for not having finally been invested in the project.

The municipal group of the Popular Party affirms that such projects were carried out, which had to be initiated with the money of the town hall itself while waiting for the arrival of the aid, whose delay is attributed to the poor management of the central government of Zapatero. They say that the competent ministry had frozen for a long time the file with which the money should be requested from the European institutions, since they were ERDF funds.

According to the popular, the works that were carried out of the project were the remodeling of the Town Hall Square and the Plaza del Consell, as well as the improvements to the tunnel of the castle and the ecopark, among others.

Therefore, PP requires the PSPV «To explain, without demagogy, and with the transparency that they preach so much and so little exerts, why they will return money that so much effort supposed to reach the city». The party headed by María Mut points to the City Council trying to make a profit from the past «With torticero arguments worthy of the most rancid revisionism». «If the Popular Party has to apologize for having carried out public works with the efforts of all, and with the satisfaction of having done things well, then excuse me», concludes the match.

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