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Locals will be trained to act against alcohol and drug abuse

14 October 2019 - 19: 04

The Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies of the City of Dénia, together with the Association of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs (Aehtma), announce the Responsible Service program aimed at the hospitality sector of Dénia and which aims to "promote safe, responsible and quality leisure".

It is about promoting and valuing the role as a health agent that hospitality workers can have. To this end, the program provides knowledge and acting skills to the clientele, both to prevent risks and to intervene with people under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

This initiative is promoted by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare (National Drug Plan) and the Spanish Federation of Hospitality, being the first national program of addiction prevention aimed at the hospitality sector. There are currently more than 4.000 nationally accredited hospitality workers and more than 1.500 accredited premises within the Responsible Service circuit.

The City of Dénia and Aehtma are committed to this program, implemented in Dénia in the 2013, and intend to give it a new boost.

A first phase consists of an awareness and awareness campaign with different social agents (politicians, city technicians, Aehtma, Local and National Police, Creama) to publicize the program and its implications.

The next phase goes through the information and motivation of the premises to become part of the program. The owners of the establishments that want to join the Responsible Service can contact during this week, before the 21 of October, with the Community Prevention Unit in Addictive Behaviors (UPCCA) of the City of Dénia.

Subsequently, from the town hall two free training days have been organized on the program on November 5, from 16 to 21 hours, and November 6, from 9 to 14 hours, which are invited to participate hotel premises that have joined.

The affiliated companies will receive a badge as a local adhered to in the Quality Leisure Program Responsible Service and the workers who have been trained in the program will obtain an official certificate on the training acquired to reduce the risks associated with the abusive consumption of alcohol and drugs from the clientele

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