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The Dénia Básquet teams are at full capacity in the IR and regional competitions

November 03 from 2023 - 10: 15

This past weekend, the teams of the Dénia Básquet of lower categories played their respective league matches.

XEMA Benjamín regional league: DBC 15 2 - 43 PEGO A

It was the first game of the Regional League in which the DBC 15 received the visit of Pego A at the Joan Fuster. A second-year team whose physical and technical qualities were, from the first minute, decisive for the game to go to their favor, closing the score in minute 2 of the fourth half with a well-deserved 2-43.

The match took place with two different parts. A first one asleep, where in attack the DBC was very slow in the exits, with too many crowds in search of the ball and bad passes that Pego was taking advantage of with his best pressure, speed and success both in shots that were too easy, and in good entries on a layup .

In a second part, more awake, those from Dénia put more speed into the game, beginning to glimpse small details that indicate that there are many things to work on. The team values ​​the game as learning and fun for the Club's little ones.

XEMA Benjamín Regional League: Calp B 18 - 59 DBC 14 Women

For this team, the 2014 women's team, it was also their first game in this regional league in which they faced a Calp team that never stopped fighting. Despite the physical superiority of the Dianenses, they tried to put aside the individual game to play in a much more collective way, looking for the freed player at all times to get easy baskets.

Furthermore, the dominance of the rebound and the quick counterattacks meant that at the beginning of the fifth period they managed to close the score.

Female fry IR Level 3: Verger 30-20 DBC 13

This was the second league game for the first-year junior team of the Dénia Basket Club in which they visited the El Verger court. The match began with little intensity on the part of the Dianenses compared to their rivals, losing the duels in divided balls and receiving an 8-0 partial.

After a timeout, Dénia's team came out with more enthusiasm, dominating the defensive rebound and fighting and winning the loose balls, finishing the quarter 8-4.

In the second quarter neither team was successful, with many turnovers and missed shots.

In the next period, the Dénia female fry began to get out of the pressure better, playing more as a team and scoring good baskets, reaching halftime down five points.

But they fell asleep again after the restart, losing many balls and conceding easy baskets after mistakes in the Dianense defense, allowing in those minutes a 9-0 partial to the locals that would be decisive, although they continued fighting until the end.

Finally, those from Dénia managed to make two good final quarters, closing the gap and showing that when things are done well they are a difficult rival, but it was not enough to catch up with the rivals.

Male juvenile level 3: Tavernes 55 - 48 DBC 13

The third game of the season for the Dénia Basket male fry began with confusion in attack and especially in defense. Tavernes did not forgive him, knowing how to take advantage of the mistakes to go ahead on the scoreboard with seven points at halftime, which were 17 with two periods left to play.

The Dianenses gradually returned to the game until they got within three points in the last period, but between failing clear transitions and not being successful under the basket, they were unable to complete the comeback.

Female juvenile level 1: DBC 11 9 - 49 Picken Claret

The second consecutive home game for the second-year fry and, as expected in this demanding category, another tall rival arrived who was going to test their ability to concentrate.

It was a game in which, yes or yes, they could not stop trying to do what they proposed throughout the weeks, since in this way they accumulate experience that in the medium term is very useful to the teams. girls. It was a meeting in which character is forged, coming out very grown if they are able to remain calm.

Against the Valencians there were difficult moments of spirit when seeing what it cost to advance clearly towards the attack, with losses that forced an extra effort to protect the rim in defense.

Despite those moments, the game ended with small touches of good play that served to continue believing in daily work.

Female infant level 3: Oliva 31-59 DBC 11

It was the first victory of the season for the 2011 children's team when they won their visit to Oliva. The match started very evenly, with the score balanced in the first three periods. The key moment of the match came in the fourth, when a partial score was achieved in favor of the Dianenses 1-12, which gave a lot of confidence.

From that moment on, the best basketball was played and although Oliva tried until the end, she could not overcome the defense of the Dénia children's team and the distances increased in all quarters.

Men's children's level 2: DBC10 59 - 47 Alubasket

Very close match that was practically decided in the last two minutes of the last period. It was achieved when perseverance finally had its reward. The right distance on the scoreboard was what ended up imposing the Dianenses.

The scores were equal quarter by quarter until practically the seventh period. It would be the 11-3 partial of the last one that would break the dynamic and decide the match.

On this occasion, those from Dénia managed to maintain a good level of activation and defensive intensity for many minutes of the first half, managing to stop the Albubasket transitions and putting them in trouble with pressure.

In the second half the level was not lowered, and we also managed to be successful in reducing ball losses, which meant arriving with options at the end.

Female cadet level 3: DBC 64 - 39 EMM Pedreguer

This was the first official home game for generation 09 this season. They started with many doubts and little fluidity in attack, having a hard time finding the opposing goal as they could not find spaces in the frontcourt.

Little by little, those from Dénia managed to improve their feelings in both baskets, and the good play soon transferred to the scoreboard, reaching half-time with a lead of 19 points.

Like the previous week, the worst moment came after the break, losing collective order as they wanted to resolve the attacks with individual initiatives. The consequence was that in that fifth period they conceded half of the points that the rivals achieved in the entire game.

It would be in the last ten minutes when the Dianenses returned to work on the correct line, sharing the ball, being very serious in defense, and widening the difference until reaching the final score.

Male cadet level 3: DBC 09 57 - 58 Mutxamel

Game dominated by those from Dénia from the beginning until there were just two minutes left in the game, at which time the visitors took advantage of the doubts to win the match.

With gains that reached twelve points in favor of the Dénia team in different phases of the match, the score was never definitively broken, either due to the success of the Alicante team, or due to inopportune losses of the ball by the returning locals. to give them life.

In the last attempt to come back, several successes were chained together with errors that ended up compressing the score. Six seconds later, a triple put us two points ahead.

A technical foul against the likes of which is never seen in lower categories, and a later inopportune foul by the Dianense team took Mutxamel to the free throw line, which ended up turning the result around.

Despite everything, it was a good game in general terms for Pascual Miralles' boys who the final stumble helped to be better.

Male cadet level 1: Alginet 67-27 DBC 08

This was a match with two radically different faces. In the first half, the Valencians managed to compete face to face, and even if they had been a little more successful, the result at half-time (38-23) would have been closer.

But after the break, the Dénia team stopped doing everything that had helped them get there competing, and the hosts saw the way clear to put land in the middle in the blink of an eye, definitively deciding the match. .

The worst thing was that far from reacting, the Dianenses lowered their arms, and allowed the worst side to come out, which made things even worse, moving away from the proper image of the team.

Given this, you learn that with concentration and mastering your attitude you can be in this league from which precisely those very important nuances separate you.

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