The advice of HLA San Carlos to take care of your ears in summer

Did you know that otitis externa is one of the clinical manifestations with the highest incidence in the population, especially during the summer? Since HLA San Carlos they explain what this infection is and how to take care of our ears especially during the summer months.

It mainly affects the children population

From the hospital they explain to us that, «External otitis is the inflammatory condition of the skin of the external auditory canal (EAC), and it usually has a bacterial infectious origin although there are other causes that cause it, such as mycosis (fungi), traumatic causes (scratching), eczema, psoriasis and other dermatitis".

Also known as swimming pool otitis, due to its relationship with overexposure to water and excess moisture in the ear canal, its incidence increases in the summer season, affecting mainly the infant population.

According to Dr. Federico De Grado, otolaryngologist at the HLA hospital Saint Charles"In addition to exposure to water, there are other factors that favor external otitis, such as the abundance of cerumen (plugs), the greater depth of the auditory canal, as well as stenosis or narrowness of the same.".

Symptoms of otitis externa

From HLA San Carlos explain that, «otitis is usually a disease of rapid onset, less than 48 hours, and its main symptoms is otalgia, or intense and continuous ear pain, which radiates to the jaw, head and even the pharynx ». In addition, they add, "the pain is aggravated by the manipulation and pressure of the cartilage of the auricle and the movements of the jaw, sometimes making it difficult to chew and sometimes otalgia may be accompanied by fever and suppuration.".

If the inflammatory edema is very important it can cause partial loss of hearing due to the occlusion of the resulting auditory canal.

More effective treatment

And, what is the most effective treatment? According to Dr. De Grado, «The treatment consists in the administration of antibiotics in general, anti-inflammatory, corticosteroids and application of ear drops.«. In addition, says the otorhinolaryngologist that "you also have to avoid favoring factors such as the entry of water while the process lasts and avoid manipulation of the area."

As preventive measures in patients with recurrent external otitis, it is recommended to avoid the entrance of water in the ears by means of orthopedic plugs, neoprene bands or bathing caps, avoid the manipulation of the ears such as excessive washing and scraping, as well as the treatment of the dermatitis of the ear canal that may affect the outer ear.

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