Comments on "Actors of L'Alqueria Blanca, Valencian television series"


  1. Jose Ramon :

    Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to see these unpublished chapters. And hopefully, I know it's hard not to say impossible, keep filming more chapters.

  2. Suzanne :

    I loved it when they did it for the first time and I love it now. Eager to see the new chapters. Dora an actress like the glass of a pine and Alvaro the most handsome.

  3. M. angels mahiques jornet :

    If they take it off in the afternoon, it will be a mistake, the people who work and get up at 6 will not see it!

  4. Enrique :

    I love the series, it is real like life itself, the actors are involved in their role in an extraordinary way, hopefully it will never end and we could continue watching new chapters

  5. Manuel :

    I am very happy for the replacement and more for the continuation of the packages that are missing to see an applause to apunt.felicidades and to have if they manage to roll again new chapters. Thank you

    • Juanvi :

      I love the series, I had seen it and now also the entire replacement

      Exciting to see the new chapters

      • PedroSantana Parra :

        They will leave us with honey on their lips, I hope they roll a new season, and end all the open plots, it would be memorable.


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