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The 10 most read books in the first year of the new Dénia Library

February 08 from 2020 - 01: 00

Tomorrow, February 9, the Municipal Library celebrates one year in its new facilities at Sant Josep. During 2019 almost 34.000 materials have been lent. But what has been the preferred reading in the new library?

The TOP 10 of the most borrowed books in 2019

These titles are the ones that readers liked the most:

In Spanish:

  • 1. Owners, Maria "The captain's daughters"
  • 2. Round, pains "The invisible guardian"
  • 3. Gómez-Jurado, Juan "Red Queen"
  • 4. Posteguillo Gómez, Santiago "Me, Julia"
  • 5. Pérez-Reverte, Arturo "Sabotage"
  • 6. Forsyth, Frederick "The Fox"
  • 7. Sánchez-Garnica, Paloma "Sofia's suspicion"
  • 8. Jacobs, Anne "The daughters of the fabric village"
  • 9. Fences, Javier "The tenant"
  • 10. Mola, Carmen "The gypsy bride"

In Valencian:

  • 1. Quintana, Gerard "Between the cel and the terra"
  • 2. Wrought, Victor "Veus, the sea"
  • 3. Nadal, Rafel "The fill de l'italià"
  • 4. Mascarell, Joan "Pous de memòria"
  • 5. Lozano-Seser, Jovi "The regne a l'horitzó"
  • 6. Moncho, Jesus "The taverna of the Negre"
  • 7. Bythell, Shaun "Diari d'un llibreter"
  • 8. Matlwa, Kopano "Florescence"
  • 9. Cambrils, Elvira "To the platus of Camus"
  • 10. Moner, Anna "The return of l'Hongarès"
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  1. Juana María Noguera Gavilá says:

    I would like Denia to be remembered for her walking industry too. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE EXPORT MADE “THE DANCES OF DENIA” TO BE A NAME OF ORIGIN (THE RAPES WERE KNOWN AND THEY WERE CALLED “DANCES OF DENIA”. We know (those of this city) that although the Moscatel grape was passified, in the Marina towns and here in Denia were manipulated, chosen, controlled, weighed, boxed and sent for export, where they had previously been obtained from importing houses.
    Denia was the capital and the commercial center with all the qualifications to send the product all over the world ...

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