They manage to finish the journey from Dénia to Ibiza in an impressive record time

May 04 from 2022 - 19: 56

Alex Pella and the Lalou Multi team have managed to break the Ibiza-Dénia record, aboard the Arkema trimaran, in a time of 2 hours, 14 minutes and 44 seconds. This record was held by Alex Pella himself, since March 22, 2007, when he achieved it with a time of 5 hours, 18 minutes and 11 seconds, which has reduced it by more than three hours.

“This attempt has been very different from the one I made in 2007, which went from Dénia to Ibiza, with a monohull and alone. The Arkema is a super fast boat and the Lalou Multi team is well rounded. It has been a pleasure to be on board during this voyage. In addition, it is a pleasure to do this at home and with a weather as Breton as the one we have today in Dénia. We have had a very good time, which competes with the fast ferry that makes the Ibiza-Dénia crossing and I encourage other sailors to try it, although I think it will be difficult for them to get off it”, says Alex Pella.

Alex Pella wanted to thank the support of the entire team at Marina Dénia and also the collaboration of the San Antonio Yacht Club. For his part, Gabriel Martínez, captain-director of Marina Dénia, assures that “today is a very important day for Dénia, hosting a boat and such a powerful team in world ocean sailing. We must work to bring more projects like this to our ports.”

Arkema is the first boat to use a 100% recyclable resin since the team is committed to sustainability and has also greatly developed the aerodynamic part.

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  1. pepper says:

    An incredible brand. Congratulations to the Lalou Multi team