"What hides your name", by Clara Sánchez, in the analysis of the UNED Dénia reading club

05 October 2022 - 11: 22

A summer in between and the tranquility of enjoying the reading of books culminates with the beginning of the course, a moment to share sensations and conclusions from the plot to the stage that Clara Sánchez's work presents us. What your name hides.

The gathering at the UNED Dénia Reading Club was directed by Jaume Tortosa, High School Professor and Philology teacher and moderated the Reading Club table.

The gathering took place in a participatory, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with the participants who explained their conclusions and appreciations that are hidden when reading the book.

Clara Sánchez lived in Dénia, studied Hispanic Philology and has taught at the university. She to date she has published fifteen novels, What your name hides, a work of analysis in the Reading Club, was published in 2010, the Nadal award that launched it with great success on the international market.

At the end of the activity, the participants stated that they felt satisfied and happy and were informed that in the next sessions they are working on carrying out activities parallel to the Reading Club, such as watching a film adaptation of the book or carrying out the analysis with the authors, next October 6 the second session will be in Benidorm.

The next book that the Reading Club puts on the table is by the writer from Alicante Matilde Asensi, a benchmark for fans of historical adventure novels. The book chosen among the large number of works is The Lost Origin, an exciting adventure in the footsteps of a civilization.

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