What hides the starry sky of Dénia

In the year 2010, the NASA research team responsible for the mission of the LRO space probe (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) created an international event. The goal was to disseminate knowledge and science around our natural satellite, the Moon.

Since then, year after year, a multitude of organizations and associations join to facilitate the observation of this spectacular star to all the interested population. Its about International Moon Observation Day, (InOMN in English). A Saturday is celebrated with the fourth lunar crescent between the end of September and the beginning of October. This lunar phase allows you to enjoy an astronomical vision at an easy time and with a lunar age suitable for the general public.

So, this year 2019, on Saturday 5 of October, two local associations will join to bring us to our city this event. This is the Costa Blanca Astronomical Society and the Marina Alta Astronomical Association, which will put several telescopes in Dénia so that everyone who wants to can see the Moon in great detail. The place, the esplanade of Torrecremada in 21: 00 to 24: 00 h.

The City Council of Dénia will facilitate the shutdown of public lighting in this place so that attendees can enjoy a celestial observation with the minimum possible light pollution.

Also, taking advantage of its good position in the sky, you can see the giant planets of our Solar System, Jupiter and Saturn, with their atmospheric bands, satellites and rings. Of course, all this, if the weather does not prevent it.

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