Rainy premiere of the boys and girls of La Xara in their new school

January 07 from 2021 - 15: 47

The Three Wise Men have arrived loaded down at La Xara, because the little ones have one of the gifts that they were most excited about: they finally have their own school. And we are not talking about the barracks that have hosted his classes for 12 years, with floods in between, but a school as any student deserves.

The new center has 9 classrooms, 6 for primary and 3 for kindergarten, which as of today welcome 164 boys and girls. Now, the total capacity is 225 students, a figure that the La Xara town hall considers will be covered in a few years once the new facilities are better known.

And, as a litmus test, this door opening is done under an intense waterspout to show the difference of studying between strong walls and ceilings. Far behind is the memory of the barracks flooded by storms. This school will finally protect the students of La Xara.

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