The three strategies of Citizens to change Dénia

The candidate for mayor of Dénia for Citizens, Sergio Benito, Indicated that «The Citizens program responds to the real needs of the residents of Dénia».

For Citizens it is «Priority economic recovery of Dénia» as «Only efforts have been put in the Gastronomic City, forgetting, putting obstacles and criminalizing sectors such as construction, or trade, closing the doors to investment». That's why Citizens propose make investments as easy as possible, generating employment and income for the City Council, at the same time as expanding the tourist offer of the city with activities throughout the year, such as nautical sports, cultural tourism, or congresses.

The second line of action of the orange formation is a contudente reform of the town hall «Restructuring it and making it efficient for citizens and their workers, and not a mountain of useless bureaucracy».

The third stratregia is called «The celebration of plurality», which is based on the recognition of the great cultural and social diversity of our city, with a variety of languages, traditions and family forms. Citizens propose «To enjoy that diversity, instead of trying to impose a single model, emphasizing what unites us and working for a common future".

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  1. UNDER :

    Interesting proposals for a municipality like Denia, I even like the order when exposing them.



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