The evidence of Gent de Dénia suggests that the public competition for the collection of animals would not have been necessary

Gent de Dénia has joined Concern about the award of the animal collection service through a statement provided to the media. In it, the Dianense corporation claims to have collected municipal information about the tender and to have contacted APAD to express its support.

Gent de Dénia applauds the service provided by the Association for 25 years, «With great responsibility, because apart from the good management they carry out, they always seek zero sacrifice».

The corporation, to demand the government of PSPV Responsibility for the result has been supported by the 4 / 1994 law of 8 of July of the CV ON PROTECTION OF COMPANY ANIMALS, whose article 18 says: «In the provision of this service, the municipalities, without prejudice to their responsibility in compliance with applicable regulations, may arrange the execution with external entities, giving priority to the associations for the protection and defense of legally constituted animals that request it».

For this reason, Gent de Dénia understands that no public tender would have been necessary, since the service could be “arranged” because it was an Association, in addition to APAD having priority over a private company. In any case, according to the party, the possibility of being considered deserted by not contemplating this legal precept could fit.

This has led Gent de Dénia to require municipal officials to study the procedure thoroughly «In order to guarantee a quality service and, if possible, maintain the priority of the Animal Protection Association of Dénia».

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Comments on "The evidence of Gent de Dénia suggest that the public competition for the collection of animals would not have been necessary"


  1. Joop Schinkel :

    Het is werkelijk onbestaanbaar, als ik goed ben ongelicht, dat de Gem. Denia met een commercieel bedrijf in zee wil.
    Zo'n bedrijf is maar op één ding uit: winst maken.
    Apad Denia, met al zijn vrijwilligers is een non-profit organization, die zoveel goed doet voor by vnl honden.
    Ze worden verzorgd, gevoerd, medisch begeleid in het belangrijkste… .liefdevol opgevangen.
    In dat to 25 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jaar, by gemeente zou zich kapot moeten schamen, omdat als dit commercieele bedrijf her roer overneemt, vele honden afgemaakt zullen worden. Ik heb er geen goed woord voor over

    • Mar :

      Well, no. They are working for the people, another thing is that you don't like what they think.


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