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The images are repeated: the storm attacks the homes of the punished Deveses

05 December 2019 - 10: 15

The area of ​​first line of Les Deveses is, perhaps, of our coast the place where the neighbors are more punished to each storm. Every time the sea is rough, the images of the waves are repeated breaking directly against the farms, after the little resistance that this one finds in the sand.

The beach does not exist during these days. Its 4 kilometers, certainly narrow throughout the year, disappear against the force of the waves. And without any obstacle, the sea attacks the walls of the houses that were built there during a time when the power of our waters was belittled.

The neighbors continually demand solutions, and although there have been several attempts to protect their homes, they have never been enough.

This new storm has witnessed it, devouring every meter of sand with its waves of up to 5 meters and harshly punishing the properties of Les Deveses. Despite this, for now they resist. But it is the most optimistic to what the owners aspire, to that "at the moment".

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  1. Leon says:

    The problem is not the sea; the problem occurs because these homes should not be there
    It is assumed that in their day they were given the appropriate building permit and, if so, the authorities would be responsible for this situation: but, if it was done bypassing this procedure, the complaints are left over and the solution is “easy”. Demolish what has been built and that the area passes into the public domain. Amen

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