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The letters from Dénia that have arrived in Korea and already have their "amusement park": 10 years of La Fallera Calavera

November 25 from 2023 - 08: 50

La Fallera Calavera is a creation by Dianense Enric Aguilar that was presented in November 2013 in a crowdfunding campaign. After being successfully funded through contributions from hundreds of backers, it was published in March 2014. Ten years later, 130.000 units of the game and its expansions have been sold. In addition, it has been adapted to literature and theater, becoming one of the best-selling Spanish games in history, despite having been published only in Valencian.

Zombi Paella, the publisher born as a result of the success of the card game, celebrates its tenth anniversary with new features and surprises. The most important is the arrival of a completely new game set in the Fallera Calavera universe. Is about Paella Park: the La Fallera Calavera theme park, a board game designed again by Dianense Enric Aguilar and Eloi Pujadas, one of the most established game creators in the Spanish State. Together they have come up with an ambitious theme park project in which, for the first time, the player does not have to build or manage the park, but rather visit it. Whoever enters Paella Park should try to make efficient use of the hours at the venue, go on the maximum number of attractions avoiding long lines, arrive on time to the shows, take photos with the park's mascot and, above all, not vomit or faint. due to motion sickness from roller coasters.

Paella Park once again features the unique grotesque illustrations of Esther Méndez, the artist of La Fallera Calavera. This zombie aesthetic draws a universe that combines Valencian folklore and popular culture with Tim Burton-style fantasy. Paella Park players will be able to discover a complete tribute to Valencia, with restaurants such as L'Hort de Ramonet or Tio Sangonera; attractions such as Tombatossals 4D, the Spinning Lady of Elche and the Laser Battle of Almansa; or take a walk through the park with the Panderola train or the Albufera Calavera boats.

The game has two boards, more than 100 cards, score sheets and the most innovative element of all: a 3D paella ferris wheel that players must spin to try their luck. One of the faces of the paella ferris wheel pays tribute to the iconic Paella Russa by Joan Monleón, the character who presents all the shows in the park.

La Fallera Skull in Korean

Zombi Paella has announced that the base game of La Fallera Calavera will be translated for the first time into a language other than Valencian. And that language will be neither more nor less than Korean. The game will be published in the coming months in South Korea by the Asian publisher Popcorn Games. Its publication has been possible thanks to the presence of Zombi Paella at the international board game fair Spiel d'Essen. The Korean version retains all the characters and objects from the original game, but changes some names. Thus, the game will be called "zombie paella" and Monleon and the Monleonetes will be "the showman" and "the showgirls" respectively.

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