The streets of Dénia through which the Cycling Tour of Spain will pass

The streets of Dénia through which the Cycling Tour of Spain will pass

01 September 2023 - 08: 55

There are a few days left to live in Dénia a historical milestone in terms of organizing sporting events. The Vuelta Ciclista a España, in its eighth stage, will start from the capital of the Marina Alta, covering 164,8 kilometers from the interior of the Costa Blanca to Xorret de Catí. The first of these kilometers will be in the city itself, with athletes competing in different neighborhoods.

On September 2 Dénia will be completely paralyzed. The cyclists of La Vuelta will tour the circuit that has been made in the city to show several of the most emblematic images of Dénia. Few neighborhoods will remain open to traffic that day, at least after 12:55, which will be the time of departure.

Tour of La Vuelta in Dénia

At the aforementioned time, the cyclists will start their day from the port of Dénia, near Baix la Mar, to Marqués de Campo, which they will travel completely, going down Diana and returning to the coast through Patricio Ferrándiz. From there, through Castell d'Olimbroi to Joan Fuster, Joan Chabás, Plaza París, Avenida Montgó and Alacant. Almost leaving Dénia, they will return inland through Abu Zeyan, Castelló avenue, Alcoi, Ronda de les Muralles, Doctor Fleming, Benidorm square and leave the town center through Les Marines.

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  1. Miguel says:

    I'm going to have a cane.

  2. Victor says:

    Very good for Denia, finally we will be seen all over the world, since the broadcast is almost all over the world, thanks to the organization for choosing Denia at the start of a stage….

  3. Paco says:

    When the helicopters record the streets of Dénia with their cameras, they might be surprised to discover the unusual aroma that they emanate, courtesy of the local garbage littered in every corner of the municipality.

  4. Vicente says:

    And why don't they throw out the inhabitants of Denia once and for all and as if they burn it and build a Benidorm 2 again?
    How can they paralyze Denia in that way? And the daily life of its inhabitants, what?

    • david woldenden says:

      I've lived in Denia for twenty-three enjoyable years. In economic terms the town has survived the difficult period when it's traditional industries became redundant. Tourism successfully filled some of these gaps without becoming totally dominant and destructive. Denia has retained much of its traditional character. The Vuelta de España is a prestigious international sporting event followed by millions of supporters. September 2nd will show case Denia to a world wide audience. Well done Denia!

    • Jr says:

      It's once a year or years..subnormals leave the sport alone.that sport is hard not like soccer

      • Pepe says:

        Completely agree… except for the subnormal thing!

      • Yo says:

        Why so much intolerance, why attack anything to defend something, I don't understand it, and if they let the people in charge of the newspaper express themselves in other languages, at least have a translator, thank you