The traditional 'Dansà Grotesca' ended the festivities of the carrer Santíssima Trinitat de Dénia

13 June 2017 - 10: 05

Imagination and creativity once again took the Calle Santíssima Trinitat de Dénia as a culmination of the celebrations that have been held since last Thursday. Dozens of neighbors and neighbors took to the streets to enjoy the traditional Dansa Grotesca, In which the participants dance disguised to the sound of the music of the colla dolçaina i tabalet.

Participants toured the street several times wearing their handmade costumes with messages on their backs, reflecting on day-to-day situations. Finally, the jury chose the three best and also rewarded the characterization and participation of two other couples. The awards were announced by the president of the Festeros Commission, Isabel Gallego, who was re-elected to hold the position for one more year. Next to her were the major falleras of Dénia, Melani Ivars and Laia Vinaroz; the councilor of Dénia parties, Óscar Mengual; And the mayor of the city, Vicent Grimalt.

During these days there have been dinners on the street, theater, traditional music and religious side in parties that keep alive the essence of the neighborhood and have the future assured to judge by the participation in all acts.

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