The staff of CD Dénia held a sit-in as a protest against the lack of payment

The league is running out and the situation of the players, the coaching staff and the CD Dénia remains the same: the club owes two monthly payments. That is why the players left for a minute to sit down to protest the lack of payment they are carrying.

They are fed up with lies and excuses, they want what they have earned on the pitch. The fans responded to this gesture by paying tribute to the great ovation of the afternoon, showing that they are with them and totally away from the club's leaders, who impassively attended from the stage to the protest of the players.

Many will remember what these players and coaching staff have given this season to a club, where those who rule are not able to solve the problems involved in managing a club, and even thank the players for the effort they make.

What should be a few days of joy and enjoyment of all in the Dénia CD has become tense moments and enormous sadness on the part of the staff that is helpless before everything that is happening.

The only one who is showing his face is the Sports Director, Tano Bertó, who is managing the economic resources. As he commented, "the problem we now have is that when I go to a company to ask for money everything is done legally, issuing an invoice, but now with the notice of embargo for the complaints of the futsal players, I have the fear that the money I can raise will be seized. "

But the certain thing is that it will be the next 17 of June when the judge dictates the sentence of the first of the demands put in this occasion by the technician, Juanma Bermejillo. Which will be followed by another player Pablo Tarín, that same day and the collective set by the other players that will be later.

This means that in the event that the court rules against CD Dénia having to pay the futsal players, it will be from that date when the club's accounts can be seized, and not before.

The only thing that has been clear is that the fans are on the side of the staff directed by Diego Miñana and clearly ask that they solve the payment issue, since with their professionalism they have shown that they want the club above all else.

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