La Pedrera celebrates its festivities in honor of Sant Pere this weekend

Start date: June 28, 2019
Finish date: June 30, 2019
Event type: Party
The venue : Plaça Mossén Espasa
Opening times: It is explained below
Starters: Free
Event finished

The neighborhood of La Pedrera dresses up this weekend, with the celebration of Sant Pere in the Mossén Espasa square. The events, which will be held between Friday and Sunday, include disco, children's activities, theater and religious events.

El Friday, June 28, at the 21: 00 hours, the performance of the play will take place The Cheerful Clòtxina, by the group the Desficaci. Then the festive dinner will be held and, from the 23: 30 hours, live music.

El Saturday, 29 for June, the activity will start at 10: 00 in the morning with a lunch for the festeros. 11: 00 will begin the children's activities with a water castle for the little ones. At the 14: 30 hours will take place the food of festive and, at 22: 30 hours, dinner. From the 23: 00 hours will be the mobile phone.

El Sunday, June 30 day, after the lunch of the 9: 30 hours, the raspall game will begin, at 11: 30 hours. At the 12: 00 hours will be held a championship of Chinchón. The afternoon will be starring religious acts. At the 20: 00 hours the mass will be celebrated in honor of Sant Pere and the 20: 30 hours will begin the procession.

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