Agulló pastry closes the blind leaving a void in the heart of Dénia

November 13 from 2019 - 09: 29

We have normalized the presence of businesses with the blinds down and transfer, sale or rental posters. Of course, it is true that they go almost unnoticed when it comes to new businesses that "have thrown the coin" to participate in the market. And, it is not new, often cross comes out. But when it is a place well established in the city, with years of tradition, we cannot deny that it impacts us and even leads us to take the most pessimistic side of ourselves.

The screech of the shutter when it falls this time comes from one of those "lifelong" businesses. The mythical Agulló pastry shop hangs the "It is transferred" poster, leaving a large void in the street Cop and, therefore, in the heart of Dénia.

It is one of those businesses that we have always had at hand and we believed immortal. Intrigued by the reason and what will happen now, we get in touch with the family that formerly ran the historic bakery, but prefer not to declare about it, although they assure that several people have already been interested in the now empty premises.

It is no exaggeration to state that the walks of the Town Hall Square until Glorieta They will no longer be the same. Something will be missing in the tour. A stop to gossip the shop window; A sweet bite that cheers us up in the afternoon. Be that as it may, the center will no longer be the same. It will no longer be exactly the same.

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