The new regulation for visitors in Cova Tallada will not allow access for more than 71 people at the same time

Next Monday comes into force the new regulation of visits to Cova Tallada, in the Natural Park of Montgó, after the overcrowding that this natural enclave has suffered in recent years. The resolution established by the Consell dictates that, during the period between the 15 from June to the 30 in September, the Natural Park of Montgó must be previously notified of the time chosen for the visit and await approval.

In a telematic way a reservation will be made in the web of the Montgó Natural Park within the stipulated periods until completing the decided maximum. Since here can be reserved as long as it does not exceed 10 days until the chosen date. The number of people allowed varies depending on the schedule, being in the afternoon the time when it is accepted the largest number of visitors, up to 71, of a total of 370 that will be accepted at most each day.

In the case of nautical and adventure companies, a document accepting conditions must be completed and registered before the Montgó Natural Park. In your case, you can not access more than 21 visitors at the same time, a figure that may be lower depending on the time, and never exceeding the total 112 per day that will be allowed.

The reason for this decision, as reported from the General Directorate of Natural Environment, is to bet on the care of the protected environment and to prevent the agglomeration from endangering the safety of visitors. To ensure compliance with the new regulation, both Ayuntamiendo de Dénia and the City Council of Xàbia they will collaborate together with their local security bodies.

These measures may be renewed over the next few years, if the conditions of overfilling persist, although this regulatory instrument will allow a more dynamic and intelligent management of this beautiful maritime enclave, which in recent years has been threatened by excess of visitors on certain dates, especially during the summer period.

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Comments on "The new regulation for visitors in Cova Tallada will not allow access to more than 71 people at the same time"


  1. Jes :

    Well, I do not know how they are going to control it, because that would have to be a driver ... in the middle of the road.
    Personally I think it's a crowd having 70 people maximum, but I think they're going to skip it a lot more.
    And they certainly leave garbage everywhere ... and it's a shame.
    The Cave ... who to clean?
    How much?
    Even the dark interior?
    Because I saw a mattress a long time ago.

    I think an order is fine, but I do not see it clear that

  2. Francisco Javier :

    You do not want us to be a country of tourism and that we live on tourism, because that is tourism, massification and degradation.
    Or perhaps you thought that it was only to keep the money of foreigners ?.
    A lot of years enjoying visits to Cova Tallada without polluting or destroying on my part, without needing to be "taken care of for my safety", now the prohibitions begin.
    Well, nothing more than to see how you are going to do so that I do not enter with my kayak without taking permission as I have done all my life, because I am not an adventure company but the adventures I put them on my own and I have so much right like the others.
    The environment must be protected that is clear, but politicians, bankers and builders, not the Lord who goes with his backpack or his kayak lunch in the cave and takes his garbage.


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