MACMA presents the Calendari dels Brillants 2021: "among the best we have ever done"

November 25 from 2020 - 11: 22

Coinciding with the final stretch of the year, and as is customary in the region, 2021 already has Calendari dels Brillants. Yesterday, José Ramiro, president of the MACMA, and Joan Josep Cardona, responsible for this veteran editorial project that has been published again by the MACMA - Cultural Association of the Marina Alta - presented the volume in the City Council of Ondara, in its representative capacity municipalities of the region, which are the co-editors of the work.

The president of the Commonwealth recalled that with this new volume the number of 34 editions of the almanac is reached, "Therefore, it is a pride that an editorial project developed in the Marina Alta, with the support of the town councils of the region, has been consolidated within our cultural calendar"Ramiro pointed out.

As stated by Joan Josep Cardona regarding the new volume and its repercussion in its 34th edition, "This year's calendar has achieved a level of signatures and content that places it among the best we have ever done". Not in vain, one of the objectives of this year's almanac was to flee from the issue of the coronavirus to open up to hope and optimism.

In this sense, the central dossier is dedicated to the concept of proximity as a value to be considered in times of collective reflection. Visions as philosophical as they are privileged that are completed with the rest of articles by the best writers in our language and also with the section The raonated nature, an appendix that delves into topics of scientific dissemination and that in the 2021 edition opens with an article by Rubén Martínez Dalmau, second vice president of the Council.

It must be remembered that the Calendari dels Brillants It is a literary almanac that, together with the section on the traditional calendar, recalls and updates the old almanacs of the 2021th century. In this new edition of XNUMX we find again the well-known sections that have made the volume a cultural reference. A publication that has already achieved thirty-four editions and that contains excellent omens and reflections to start the new year.

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