The Fallera Local Board and several failures explode against the City Council in social networks

La Local Board Fallera Dénia, through his Facebook profile, published this morning a very critical post with the role of the City Council with the festivity of the floats, one of the most important events of the summer. According to the publication, it would be impossible to move the floats from the ships due to the presence of badly parked vehicles that have not been removed.

Disaster organitzatiu per part of the regidoria of governació de l'Ajuntament de Dénia at the time of the baixada de les ...

Published by Local Board Fallera Denia en Saturday, 13 July 2019

The Board has qualified «Organizational disaster» the work that the Department of the Interior has done for the correct development of this year's floats. Apparently, the criticisms are motivated by the presence of badly parked vehicles, which can not be removed due to the absence of a crane. According to the Board, this makes it impossible to move the ships floats to Patricio Ferrándiz Street, where the carriages start each year.

Several failures dianenses have joined the criticism and complaints to the City, showing a majority discontent with the role of the consistory in today's event.

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Comments on "The Local Board Fallera and several failures explode against the City Council in social networks"


  1. Maria de la O :

    Well, since we are talking about floats, it seems indecent to me that floats when they reach the end of Campos Street and head to Diana Street, there is no parade there, everything is disorder, the most absolute disorder, and then those who they look at the floats and they have paid for their chair, because there are them on Diana Street, they do not deserve this "abandon", and this in the first round. I think it's a shame. That is, there is only a parade on Campos Street. And the others, what?

    • Iñaki Blanes Miro :

      There is not much to say about Patricio Ferrandiz street, exactly the same thing happens, there are no chairs in which people pay, but there is tourism and especially people from Denia who want to enjoy the floats.

  2. Pere :

    Good morning giving the reason to the failures I want to add that many acts do not start at the scheduled time and that the failures should respect more to the public who will see the floats and not keep the distances so great between the one and the other true gentlemen of the JLF a respect to the public thanks


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