The incidence of the coronavirus in Dénia soars with the latest update, with more than 730 cases per 100.000 inhabitants

January 08 from 2021 - 10: 19

The coronavirus is still rampant in the Marina Alta and the entire Valencian Community. This is demonstrated by the new update of Sanitat where the incidence of the pandemic is recorded by each health department and in each municipality.

Only a day has passed since the new measures came into force, so we will have to wait to see if they are more effective than the previous ones. However, it is also still early to know the bulk of the incidence caused by the different Christmas festivities, which we reached by breaking records of infections and deaths.

In today's update we discover that the Marina Alta continues with an alarming incidence of 535'69 infections per 100.000 inhabitants, thus placing Dénia among the health departments most affected by the third wave of the entire Valencian Community.

In the new data offered by Sanitat we observe that the region adds 317 new infections. In total, since March 3.996 are positive in the Marina Alta, 920 of them active today.

On the other hand, again a positive deceased is registered in the PCR tests in the Dénia health department. This time, it is a Calp neighbor. With this, there are already 56 deaths with coronavirus in the Marina Alta.

Dénia is once again the municipality that registers the most in the entire region, with a very worrying upward trend in new cases. Once again, it surpasses the barrier of one hundred infections with the 101 positives added in this publication, corresponding only to the last three days. With its 308 cases still active, the incidence of Dénia is well above that of approximately a dozen populations in the Community that are confined, as is the case of neighboring Oliva, where it has been prohibited to enter and leave the town despite having a third of incidence than Dénia, which is already 730'45.

In the rest of the region, 44 cases have been registered in Teulada, 40 in Calp, 21 in Xàbia, 16 in Benissa, 15 in Gata, 12 in Pego, 10 in Ondara and 10 more in Pedreguer, 5 in Orba, 3 in El Verger, 2 in Vall de Laguar, and Benitatxell, Xaló, Alcalalí, Ràfol and Vall d'Ebo one case each.

  1. Carol says:

    If a POSITIVE is giving vaccines or is among those who are vaccinating, it is FACILITATING, SPREADING and MULTIPLYING THE SPREAD BY THOUSAND and these to others INDEFINITELY


  2. Alfonso says:

    January 10 2020
    The problems in this pandemic are within us. In each and every city. We are the citizens who have to take individual responsibility by hand, and the fulfillment of the measures that we all know that we have to assume.
    It is the citizens who have to lead the way out of this situation of continued pandemic and make our representatives give their best, regardless of party and partisan surnames.

    This summer, it was the fault of those who came from outside, Madrid, or any other point. No, no, they have not wanted to take the bull by the "horns" they have been and continue to take measures that it is known that they are only patches to a "wheel" that already has many leaks, but this translates into "sick, … .. Dead ”.

    Health is an issue that concerns everyone, regardless of the values ​​of a municipality, a region, a community or even a state.
    We live in a model, with powers transferred to the agents that intervene in it, municipalities, areas, Provinces, Autonomous Communities ... etc.

    In a situation like the current one, and like those that may arise in the future, it is very important that decision-making is coordinated and agile; decision-making that transmits seriousness, reliability and transparency to society, involving citizens from the youngest to the oldest.

    This is something for everyone and the rules can be improved, of course, but the rules that are not complied with are of "almost nothing" and a few can do a lot of harm to society as a whole.

    There is the conjunctural issue, the short-term economy, those who do not think of providing a solution to the problem in order to improve later, those whose private and particular interests are put before those of the whole.
    If things are not done well and one is inflexible with compliance with the rules that have been decided to take, trust is lost, and the "battle" will be more difficult to solve, there will be more damage, and they are not "collateral"
    And others of an economic nature such as the "possible" non-celebration of Fallas, Easter, Nautical Club Parties ... etc in the case of DENIA.
    (the little of now will bring large losses in the short term)

    MAKE DECISIONS, GENTLEMEN GOVERNORS, BUT ABOVE ALL, ENFORCE THEM for that they have been elected, that is the commitment they have with the citizens, and we citizens help our Governors regardless of political colors, it is time to shrug our shoulders and try be responsible over short-term private interests. This is everyone's business and we go out together or there will be sequels for several generations.

    Good luck and let's hope that this time the voice is heard wherever it is to be heard.
    Alfonso G.

  3. Josep Ivars says:

    What a shame. When the socialist mayor blamed the people of Madrid for the contagions.
    Now who infects HDLGP.
    Get off the salary. That you raised it treacherously in the first plenary session. Disgraceful.
    You have Denia in the shit.

  4. Juan says:

    This Christmas, La Mar Street was scary because of the parties that were in a Pub. The police never appeared. Bars and restaurants packed without masks.

  5. Eleka says:

    Infected or sick? These are different variants of the disease. It is possible to be infected without signs of illness. The main thing is not to panic. It is necessary to walk and take vitamin D3, C.

  6. Joan Pascual says:

    Absolutely predictable when you have no idea how to combat the disease, logic is not used, and on top of that you lie to the population.

  7. Jean eric says:

    I would like to understand :
    "The incidence of the coronavirus in Dénia soars with the latest update, with more than 730 cases per 100.000 inhabitants"
    How can such a situation happen if the Valencian community is closed to all non-residents for more than 20 days? Where does this third wave come from? Or simply that perimeter confinement was so that our politicians have a good conscience but without giving the means of controls that are needed to avoid that the measures are not fulfilled.

    • Juan says:

      People gather without taking precautions. Christmas and New Years

    • Pillar says:

      People have not respected the measures. Stop looking outside the Community, look inside. I have witnessed how inside restaurants, people shouted happy birthday. In Denia, the Magazinos crowded with people on weekends ,,,, The fault is not always of the "Madrit".

    • Carlos Gual says:

      The price of tourism, now it's time to pay.

    • María Ivars says:

      The plague does not come from outside.
      They have shit inside and they have voted for it.
      It's called PSOE