La Fúmiga announces by surprise a new concert in Dénia for this year

22 2022 April - 09: 32

It is one of the most successful Valencian groups today, which is filling venues and squares throughout the state. In addition, they are partly responsible for arousing interest in Dénia for concerts in Valencian (or interest in programming them, at least). They are La Fúmiga, a group that knows the capital of the Marina Alta well and that will return this year on a very special date.

The new concert of La Fúmiga in Dénia will be on October 9, a date that since 2019 has been set aside to program this type of concert focused on young audiences. Last year, it served to bring, among others, Xavi Sarrià and recover Maluks and Zoo, a year after El Diluvi came on stage. But it all started in 2019 when this programming premiered, in the tiny wasteland of Marqués de Campo and during the week, a Fúmiga that hasn't been shot much, with only one record and already with many followers.

Now he returns, three years later, to the Dianense celebration of October 9. Although it is true that it is not the first time they have come since that year, since the past Christmas they chose Dénia to present their latest album, Photosynthesi, in a meeting organized by the Fundació Baleària.

It will be that date, as announced yesterday by surprise on social networks, when we can once again enjoy the group from Alzira on a stage in Dénia. It is unknown if it will be the only concert scheduled this year since the City Council has not announced anything about it.

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  1. Carlos says:

    But in December they didn't come at the end, right?